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admin : Wednesday, December 4, 2013, 11:26

Paypal said they have to go by what the buyer says

I advertised a nearly new pair of ghd flat iron straighteners, took pictures of them they were hardly used in excellent condition, with the hologram, box, case etc.
I sold them last Thursday for $150 and posted them off to the buyer on Friday recorded delivery. Before he received them he sent me a message saying Hi I changed my mind , can I have a refund my wife bought some.

I rang ebay and asked and as the were in good condition exactly as the advert they said I don’t have to accept the return.
He receieved the goods Monday and then put in a dispute to say they were damaged rusty ! and scratched.
This is so untrue and I feel sick. I have been a ebayer for years and never had negative feedback here or in the uk. I have photos to prove the condition and they were no scratches etc.
I rang paypal and ebay yesterday and basically ebay don’t care and pay pal said if the buyer says that then they go with the buyer.
Why do they want my statement if they do not even consider the seller. It’s so unfair. I have photos but they don’t use photos evidence! How can they rule against me?
He just wanted his money back even before he had received them . I have also has an extortion email from him that ebay are aware of bt again pay pal don’t care.
What can I do as I will be so upset if I have to refund and he has damaged the goods. They were in perfect order when posted.


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