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admin : Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 21:26

PayPal Buyer Returns Wrong Item

On 1/20/10 I sold two fishing rods on ebay. The buyer paid through PayPal with a  credit card. A week later i sent a email to buyer asking if he had received the rods but got no reply, so I thought everything was OK. A month later the buyer raised a dispute saying that the rods were not as described.

PayPal sided with the buyer and I agreed to refund the buyers money. But instead of returning the two rods all i got was a empty tube and a tree branch, so I am refusing to refund the buyer until I receive the original merchandise that I sent to him.  I am now -£135.65 in my PayPal account and as far as i am concerned I will continue to refuse the refund until i receive my rods in the condition they were sent.

How do these people come to there decisions?

Submitted By Geo


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