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admin : Thursday, December 4, 2014, 13:44

Paypal buyer protection Scam

What a load of crap!

Ebay`s sellers have sent the wrong goods so I used the so called “Buyer protection” paypal protection.
However, if I use Paypal buyer protection, I will be denied further protection although the scam sellers should be penalized and not me.

If I am now supposed to study all sellers feedback before placing an order on a bad seller, why dont the Ebay\Paypal close their accounts or warn us that we get no protection from these sellers. Why dont Ebay\Paypal close these bad seller accounts. The answer is obvious, Ebay Paypal want the commission on sales. The Ebay\paypal scheme “Protect Ebay and Paypal “as your group does not give a dam about Ebay buyers.

Now that we have proved that Paypal penalizes me and not the bad sellers, there is no point in using Paypal or Ebay.
I might point out that I have forwarded details to “Current affairs” on channel nine and the ACCC.

Thank you for proving what a deceitful group you are.
I will not use Paypal or Ebay if I can get what I want elsewhere.
Incidentally,Ebay record me as above average buyer.
I guess that above average buyers are targets for Paypal aggression.


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