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admin : Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 12:57

Paypal Buyer Protection A Farce

I purchased a product from a local seller and paid using PayPal on the 22nd of July. after 12 business days and no product (or response from seller) I logged a dispute with PayPal as goods not received. they allowed the seller a further 10 days to respond, which they didn’t. Paypal has just sent me an email telling me that they have now closed my dispute and found in my favour… BUT… that they could not recover my funds from the seller’s account and as per their TOS, “recovery of funds is not guaranteed” so the seller has my money, PayPal has their commission from the sale, and I have no product and no money. What a complete farce!! Paypal was quick enough to debit my bank account for the said funds, yet they cannot debit the sellers bank account… I have been a paypal (premier) customer since 2003, now I will be closing my paypal account and telling everyone who will listen about my negative experience with this shockingly bad company.
Submitted by Jonathan, Australia


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