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: Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 8:33

PayPal Buyer Protection

Berk Law has begun investigating the “Buyer Protection” practice of PayPal. Buyer Protection, in part, protects against counterfeit products if: “The item was advertised as authentic but is not authentic.” However, it has been reported to us that PayPal’s policy makes it nearly impossible to protect its users from counterfeit products. Please read our blog post about this discrepancy: .

It would help greatly to hear from any impacted PayPal users via email, telephone, or comment to the blog. The more incidences of which we become aware, the better we can analyze the issue and determine whether there is any way to help make consumers whole.

If you were unable to obtain relief for counterfeit goods using PayPal’s Buyer Protection program, or have experienced similar issues with PayPal or other financial services providers, please contact us at, or via telephone at (202) 232-7550.

Submitted By:: Arezu H

Location-: Washington, D.C.


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