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admin : Wednesday, July 16, 2014, 14:09

Paypal let buyer jip me and it was not an ebay item

I sold a completely disassembled atv motor, buyer knew it was disassembled. He waits almost a month to file a claim saying was not as described because the cylinder head has a hairline crack. The kicker is, i texted the photos of the cylinder head to the buyer because i shipped it out a few days later because it was left out the box, not on purpose though. Its was so many parts and it was accidently left on the table at my job because i work in the shipping department. But the text message photos are clear and when you pull the text message up with the photos in it, where the crack is located on the item sent back, its not there before i shipped it.

I had a local shop look at everything and they said the same thing, the head was altered by the 3rd party, it had valves in it that were not in it when shipped and missing a few pieces that were on it when shipped. The buyer did not place item back in the bags they came in and the foam that I foamed the parts in with shedded all inside the bottom end and it will cost $375.00 o disassemble and clean out. Provided an affidavit, shop repair cost, photos of items on the forums where i had it listed for sale, and i called and called, it was in my favor twice and the other 3 was in the buyers favor and all they have from the buyer is he said it was not as described.

Some of the paypal reps i spoke with said they don’t understand how the review team came up with this either. and all they saying is i am refunded $85.24. So its like i got a part back that was cracked and i guarantee it was not cracked(fact) and then damages due to buyers improper packaging. Gotta figure out something, they filed another appeal, but this shit getting old


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