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: Tuesday, October 23, 2012, 9:53

Paypal believes buyers story over sellers proof

Buyer purchased 2 Designer handbags, total £313. A week after delivery she messages to say she love them ,left great feedback. Next day she messaged me, could she return the bags, her insurers wont pay her hospital stay so she needs her money back. Within an hour she had filed a claim with paypal ‘good not as described’ she told paypal bags were smaller than expected. Yet sizes were shown on listing. Paypal granted her refund. I now have two ‘no longer brand new’ bags coming back to the UK. I sent paypal copy of the 2 x feedback and message she sent me say how gorgeous the bags are. I also asked them to check my listings and see for themselves that sizes were shown. They said they couldnt do that and also told me the buyer had told them a very different story and the refund would go ahead.

Submitted By:: Jane

Location-: Leeds

16 thoughts on “Paypal believes buyers story over sellers proof
  1. Fran on

    Here you are with proof in hand and paypal decides to side with the buyer and their made up story. This is everything that is wrong with paypal. Soon there won’t be any sellers left, just a bunch of scamming buyers with no where to rip people off. paypal does not offer any kind of seller protection and it is time that people start realizing this.

  2. Alan Buccellato on

    The customer wanted his money back so paypal gave his money back without him sending the Parcel back to Seller and no permission from the seller to pay the money back to the buyer..

  3. Alan Buccellato on

    Why should Paypal take the word of the buyer not the Seller.
    Its the Seller account Paypal should have Permission from the
    Seller.The buyer should send the Parcel back before they get there monet back.

  4. Alan Buccellato on

    The Seller never got any reason why they didn’t want the parcel.
    The Buyer should give reason why they didn’t want the parcel they bought.

  5. Alan Buccellato on

    PayPal is scewing over there SELLERS.

  6. Dutch Holland on

    PayPal are only interested in getting paid, and yes this has happened to me, a buyer brought a steelbook from me used a knife to open packaging, and put a 4 inch scratch up the front, but no matter how much I complained to PayPal, about the wreck less buyer, how had demanded a refund without returning item, I said hang on, I am refunding no one as damage was done by the buyer, but did they care, no they did’t. And yes they refunded him without my approval. But this happens time and time again. HOPELESS.

  7. W on

    My company has a 12+ year record with PayPal doing hundreds of thousands in business with them. I shipped a buyer a $300 radio and the accessories it comes with. We had opened the radio and did a requested modification to it and I wrote down the serial number from the back of the radio when it was shipped. The buyer said he received a “brick in the box” and no radio. He also made a video tape of himself opening the box and finding the brick. In my PayPal dispute I clearly stated that he put the brick in and the video tape he made was just part of his scam. PayPal awarded him 100% of his money back and he got to keep the radio we shipped him. How can PayPal allow this with a company that such a long history with them? What’s going to stop him and all his scammer friends from doing the same thing? Anyone and Everyone can say they received bricks or whatever and make a fraudulent video tape of it. How could PayPal award him the claim? If Everyone does this and PayPal awards the scammer it would not be possible for anyone to sell anything via PayPal. This is insane.

  8. Stephanie on

    PayPal recently debited my account $200 for an item I sold. The item was impossible to break yet the buyer supplied one image of a clearly different sign and requested a full refund + postage. They then sent numerous emails abusing me and threatening me which I provided to paypal with my proof the sign was a different one and they still decided in buyer favour. I have never had them decide in seller favour not matter how ridiculous. Lucky i never chose to add my account details and instead send the money to another paypal account – They just tried phoning me to clear the negative balance. I told them if they want to fund criminals it is on them and they wont get a cent out of me

  9. Lester E Brwon on

    If I had seen this, I would have stopped using paypal. I am getting ripped off by a simillar situation. with a customer in Hong Cong. Paypal has accepetd his lies about a mint condition lens and I hope when I get it back he wont have damaged it to comply with his description he gave paypal Now they are holding my money and wont let me print a shipping label. No way to treat an honest seller and customer in good standing. All they tell me is that there is nothing they can do until I get the lens back. They have admitted that there is no seller protection. SELLER BEWARE!! (Augusty 21, 2014)

  10. myra beveridge on

    I wish paypal would go under I used to sell on ebay stopped it because got ripped off so many times by buyers

  11. myra beveridge on

    buyer gt a brand new chair off me a recliner sold it was my dads who passed away , they say never picked it up . and paypal withheld my money . I got my own back though and there now chasing me for money dream on paypal rvenge is sweet

  12. phil chatfield on

    Paypal refunded the buyer after the item was shipped. The item was shipped within 3 days after the auction closed. The refund was given about 1 1/2 months later. Paypal said the sale was not authorized. The buyer then made a $1400 purchase the next month using the same login information on Ebay, the same Paypal login, and the same charge card. My feedback is 100% with about 600 buys/sales which I am no longer allowed to do

  13. Trecia on

    I sell transportation and tour services in Jamaica. I had an incident with a client that book a reservation online using Paypal on April 2, 2015 at 10:08 pm for 8 adults. We provided her with two tours on April 3, 2015. I received an email from Paypal on April 13, 2015 stating the payment has been reverse as the client claims it was not authorized. I had verbal conversation on the phone on that April 3, 2015 because she said the driver was late. I informed her that they driver was looking for this villa using the address she gave. The driver past the villa twice as they’re was no sign to indicate villa and there is no lobby area.

    I stayed on the phone with her and told her to step outside so when the driver is passing again he would see them. I even ask her for a contact number for the villa she decline to provide that and she said she looked out her window. Shortly after she step outside the driver arrived and base on the driver’s observation it seem to be a private residence. When the driver arrived and pick up the clients at Mango Villa in Montego Bay, he called the office to inform us that the client did not print the voucher but showed him it on her phone. I told him it was ok to go ahead with the service. I was informed by the driver that only 6 out of the eight people went on the tour. Now since Paypal is a secure system why was the money refunded to the customers that received the service. What type of thing is this?
    I have no access to the clients details so how come a reservation is book using Paypal and after the service is rendered and people are supposed to get paid they tell you this. What I need to send the video was the clients doing the tour?
    They didn’t even ask me for any documentation, you just reverse the money so I guess paypal is now facilitating this client to defraud businesses?
    I will sharing this horrible experience with everyone possible and reporting these clients for fraud..

  14. Anonymous on

    Basically eBay listing are worthless. They still allow sellers to request no returns BUT a buyer can lie triggering off a return and eBay raids you paypal, credit card or bank account for the winning bid and shipping cost. If a Bidder is selling a like item to yours, He or She can place a high bid making your item Sold. When their’s is sold they lie to eBay triggering off a return. Honest Sellers can take little action to recover their loss.

  15. Tara on

    Several of us had the same problem with a buyer who received coins valued at 1000 -2000. He would pay for the item then reverse the credit card transaction. Money was deleted from out accounts without recourse although the same buyer had repeated the same process. Since there were several sellers with the same story, why were we not backed by paypal? I use paypal as a buyer, but never as a seller. Paypal knew we defrauded but took the easy way of resolving in favor of a criminal because they could.

  16. Todd on

    I had a similar story as everyone else. I sold a set of Harley gauges to a buyer that contacted me and wanted me to invoice them through PayPal so he could use a credit card. I told him to make sure they worked for his bike by talking to a dealer before he purchased because I would not take them back. A day and a half later he calls and said they will work. I sent an invoice through Paypal with it written on it that there where no returns. When he got them he said he finally checked and the dealer said they would not work and wanted his money back even though he had misled me. I told him it was made clear to him that he was to check before he purchased them and that there were no refunds unless the gauges were broken. He agreed he made a mistake. Then he file a dispute with PayPal, “Not as described”. I sent Paypal the text, a detailed report on the transaction and they had the invoice. After 21 days, and my account was locked for those days, they ruled that the buyer could return them for a full refund. I called and talked to a supervisor and he said they normally side with the buyer especially if it was not an EBay item. I asked why if the evidence showed he lied and din’t check before he ordered and it was clearly stated on the invoice “No refunds”. He said that is just how they do it and there is no further recourse for me to take. I have a 100% rating on EBay and have never had a dispute filed against me prior to this. Sellers beware of this PayPal scheme.

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