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admin : Wednesday, August 11, 2010, 0:08

Trouble Confirming Bank Account, PayPal Doesn’t Care

I was sent 3 emails telling me two small deposits were made to my account and I needed to confirm my account.  However, only one of the deposits showed up so I contacted PayPal by email.  One week later, no reply. So I tried to call them on phone ( they have automated phone system you have to play games with for 15 min so you can talk to a human that is using a $4.00 phone and you cant understand 50% of what they say).

Nobody knows what happen to the second deposit, and nobody seems to care. They just wanted to confirm my account, but no matter who I talked to and no matter how many people I asked nobody can tell me where the second deposit went. They know they sent two of them, they sent me 3 emails telling me they sent two deposits. What happens when someone else sends a deposit and it does not make it? Is there no way to trace it?

As if it isn’t bad enough that they bury their phone number, the number they do give is at the bottom of a web page in fine print, its not a toll free number and the people you talk to do not speak English very well. PayPal is supposedly in the money transaction business, yet they have no idea where the second deposit they sent actually ended up. PayPal customer service is the worst I have seen. The phone system is the worse I have seen. They have a live chat but its also an automated system that is worthless. Another lame services company that outsources its help system. I thought they were a well establish company it seems they are still trying to work out basic problems like signing up new customers.

Submitted By WTH


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