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: Friday, March 23, 2012, 18:12

Paypal backs scam buyers

Had a custom sewing order, paid through Paypal. Shipped the order through Paypal shipping. Buyer filed a claim, saying they did not get it. I showed proof that the buyer signed for it. Paypal reversed the funds, so I was out fees, shipping, and cost of materials. Soon after, I found an image on the internet of the buyer wearing the item! Sent it to Paypal and was told that it did not matter. How much proof does Paypal need?????

Submitted By:: JHammers

Location-: oregon

One thought on “Paypal backs scam buyers
  1. Pop on

    First thing first … who the heck does PP think he is to “verify” me????? Who gives such a power to a company that no other goverment can claim? IN ANY COUNTRY!
    Second: sellers protection???? WTF??? What is a “seller protection”? And serves to whom? If you’re selling f….ing junk am I supposed to buy it and live with it?
    Third: Disputes? What disputes? Explain this word Paypal IF YOU ARE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND PLAIN ENGLISH. A dispute needs 2 YES two parts. Not a solo statement. I have profs that were left in my computer because I have nowhere where to post them. And nobody cares btw.
    Refunds: Who will refund the fees? Paypal gets paid anyways… How about the 3 fees invoilved in a transaction?
    a) paying for the product fee
    b) exchange (if you didn’t bought in USD)
    c) receive money fee into PP account
    d) redraw money from PP fee
    and these are not cheap at all. They WILL add up

    I would say FUCK PAYPAL and get the heck out of my country for good.
    At the owner of PP: Hope you die in hell for all the scams you’ve did with all PP victims

    Grea site, talking about the truth and peoples money. Keep up… we’ll be following

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