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: Sunday, August 14, 2011, 14:38

PayPal arbitrarily charged me exchange costs

I am Italian but I live and work in south Asia. I recently bought equipment worth $3,650 USD from USA. Since I did not want to overload one single credit card, in agreement with the seller I split the payment into 2 transactions, charging one on my Italian Credit Card (main currency Euro) and the other on my Asian Visa Debit Card. Notwithstanding the fact that this Visa Card is valid for USD transactions only and it linked to a USD account, our dear friends at PayPal decided to take the USD charge, transform it into local currency and then convert it again in USD! This has cost me $159.57 USD extra, which they bluntly refused to give back to me.

I wish I could do something about this; I would be prepared to spend much more than the $159.57 they stole from me in order to teach them a lesson. I wrote to a consumer protection association and in turn they wrote to PayPal. PayPal’s response was that they do not accept any form of communication other than registered mail! What a bunch of thieves.

I withdrew all my credit cards and closed the account, but what do they care? They are there to steal money from their customers – just read the 100′s of complaints. Never do business with them. They are dishonest.

Submitted By:: Giuseppe D’Amato

Location: Napoli – Italy

One thought on “PayPal arbitrarily charged me exchange costs
  1. Jack Jersawitz on

    Sounds familiar but in my case not as much money or multiple currencies.

    I pulled my card information and closed my account because I found that Pay Pal had collaborated with E-bay and thieves in China who accessed my account for $50; or so I thought.

    Just now, trying to make a purchase, and finding that the seller and E-bay force me to use Pay Pal I tried to enter information as a person that just wants to make the single purchase without joining Pay Pal or E-bay.

    Good luck; no, but really because I discovered, due to their automated responses that they retain both my debit card information and my e-mail address even whilst not letting me use that card for my purchase.

    I am curious as to what the U.S. Attorney might say about such goings on.

    Jack Jersawitz

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