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: Thursday, January 6, 2011, 10:10

Paypal Allowed Two Payments For Single Ebay Auction

I sold an item on ebay, with a quantity of 1 as buy it now. Two people paid for the item at the same time. Ebay caught this and allowed only one transaction to go through. Paypal, on the other hand, did not. So both transaction went through and I received 2 payments for the same auction.

When I contacted paypal I was told I needed to either produce the item or I would have to pay a fine for false advertising. After showing paypal the error had occured on their part and not mine or ebays, they still told me it was my fault and responsibility.

A representative with paypal lied to me. I am still disputing this with paypal. I will not let this matter go. I know I am not the first one that this has happened to, and I will not be the last. Paypal should have a safe guard in place to prevent this from happening.

To think we pay them a fee to use their services, and this is what you get.

Submitted By:: NR

Location: Corbin, KY USA

One thought on “Paypal Allowed Two Payments For Single Ebay Auction
  1. Arthur on

    I am totally with you on this one, man. Some time ago I was trying to add my credit card to another Paypal account. It was never advertised that this could not be done. As a result, they blocked BOTH my accounts and when I phoned them to ask, why did this happen and what can be done, their answer was “security…blah…blah…system….” and that I should issue a new credit card to use with Paypal. Telling me this like this was a real answer to my question. Poor customer service, poor company…

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