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admin : Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 13:53

Paypal allowed buyer to rip me off

In December 2015 I sold a designer skirt on eBay. It was brand new with tags. I had purchase it on impulse from the designer’s boutique during a sale and then decided to sell it. In April 2016, after the skirt had been hanging in the buyer’s wardrobe for nearly 4 months, the buyer lodged a Paypal dispute claiming that the skirt was “significantly not as described” due to damage. Paypal found in the buyers favor and refunded her from my account. In short, the buyer effectively “borrowed” my clothing for 4 months before returning it to me, damaged. I find it incomprehensible, by most common business standards, that clothing could be returned to a seller after hanging in the buyer’s wardrobe for nearly 4 months.
I am just an occasional seller. I am much more of a buyer, but from now on I will use a prepaid Visa credit card. I am currently in the process of trying to close my Paypal account, but after 12 years of my business, they don’t appear to want to let me go! I am contacting the Message Center repeatedly to action the closure of my account (the Paypal website simply won’t let me click on the “close my account” option). I feel very betrayed by Paypal. I feel that they high jacked my bank account details (I can’t change them or remove them due to the dispute). Additionally, I have no control over an unfair refund. BUT the final insult is this…Paypal did all of these things, that I am now complaining about, with my full legal consent! I was stupid, but now I am wise!

One thought on “Paypal allowed buyer to rip me off
  1. erik on

    Go to your bank and tell them whats up and change your account number, no biggie. Banks are used to PayPal and have no problem pulling the rug up from under them. Also make sure you use a prepaid card like you said, or make a seperate checking account that you only keep a few cents in, and transfer money in and out for sales and purchases.

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