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admin : Tuesday, November 3, 2009, 12:24

Paypal Aids and Abets Criminal Fraud

I purchased a 1 troy oz silver panda coin on ebay. Shortly thereafter seller became unregistered so I immediately filed a case with Paypal. Sometime later item was received from China and was counterfeit. It only weighed 20.7 grams and not 33.1 grams as advertised.

I updated Paypal with this new information and they now are advising me to send item back to seller with tracking or to close claim. I previously asked for email address to send them photo of coin on scale as evidence, but they never did respond to this request.

By asking me to send back fraudulent item to criminal seller Paypal is aiding and abeiting illegal activity. No doubt they would be very happy to collect fees on resale of this item by criminal in future who has simply registered on ebay under another seller name.

Paypal protection policy as advertised is useless. There would seem to be no recourse and they know that they can take advantage of it.

Shame on you Paypal!

Submitted By GK


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