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admin : Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 13:31

Paypal account limited and my options of getting my money is limited as well

I have an internet marketing services company where I set up people’s websites and back offices for them. I opened a business Paypal account as I found this was the easiest account to set up initially. However, almost immediately I started having problems where they were restricting my client’s accounts as they were told “new accounts” were subject to more scrutiny. Then the suddenly restricted my business account with $2,000 in it. I have been on the phone with them numerous times and have provided them every document they have asked for (some of them numerous times) and have yet been able to get the restriction removed. Today they told me that I had violated their Acceptable Use Policy (but couldn’t tell me specifically what I had violated) and told me that if I didn’t remove the Paypal pay button from my site and sign their Acceptable Use Policy form they would not release my funds and could hold them for 180 days before closing my account. I asked the person I was on the phone with “What if I want to just close my account and withdraw my funds, would you still hold my money for six months?” to which they replied “If you don’t do what we ask, yes!” I think they are running a scam and do whatever they can to hold on to your money and to gain as much personal information about you as they can. Paypal SUCKS!


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