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admin : Tuesday, April 1, 2014, 13:42

My PayPal account was compromised

My PayPal account was compromised, S250.00 taken from my Credit/Debit/Checking account.
Someone from Ireland, via Facebook went through PayPal, without my knowledge.

I contacted PayPal I was assured matter would be reversed. Transaction caused my bank account to be overdrawn.

It took calls and assurance on their part. Matter would be handled 4-10 days lapsed. Matter reversed, I paid outstanding due debt via Ebay purchases, and routed $180.00 back into Bank Visa/Debt/Checking account.
To date PayPal account is limited. There has been great deal of hours put into clearing/resolving situation that was not to have gotten to this point.
I was told in the first phase, my first contact with representative, she made a mistake. That wasn’t my problem, I’d been guaranteed problem would be taken care of in a few hours; equaled days and negative interactions.

Passwords and account numbers have been changed at the banking institution and password at PayPal and Ebay has been changed also. I can assume my account was not as secure, as PayPal has been telling me over the years. This is my first negative encounter, yet it has been negative. And I lo longer trust PayPal with my money.

One thought on “My PayPal account was compromised
  1. Faye on

    Having same dispute with paypal and Facebook right now with company in Ireland, fingers crossed

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