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admin : Friday, April 23, 2010, 13:35

PayPal Accesses Bank Account, Money Disappears

On the 9th of March 2010 money came out of my bank account from PayPal (29.99) but was not paid to the group that was supposed to receive it. Where is that money? I was also charged an overdrawn fee from the bank as I did not know the money would be coming out.

Paypal actually directly took this money from the bank account that was linked to my PayPal account. Which is crazy… If I have to wait 3 days for MY OWN MONEY to be cleared when transferring to the linked PayPal account before it can be used, why is it that PayPal can access that linked account, MY ACCOUNT, without having to wait? Where is my money?

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One thought on “PayPal Accesses Bank Account, Money Disappears
  1. Betty on

    I too was taken for $200 which was withdrawn from my personal bank account without my authorization. That transaction threw my account into a whirl wind of insufficient funds. That one transaction cost me a total of almost $300. So I will have a hard time trying to sort out this action. I’m a disabled widow with a monthly income of $738 and I’m already having a hard time surviving since my husband passed away last year. Another problem that I find with paypal is how the statements details are done. I never have understood the statement.

    I have been disputing and talking to so many representives about the problem. They say that they listened to the taped statement of my approval, and I told them that I would have never authorized that pay by phone transaction. I politely asked to listen to the recording and I was told by the rep that they were not supposed to allow me access to the recording.

    The other thing that I am deeply upset about is with all the money I have already paid them, my balance hardly had depleted. Also, I don’t see where the $200 was applied to my paypal account. I wish there was class action suit, I would surely sign for it. Keep me informed if there is ever one.

    I have emailed and called so many times that I am ready to quit sending money. The persons involved are not nice at all. I too have quit going on ebay and paypal because the owners are getting richer and the people are getting scammed.

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