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: Monday, February 20, 2012, 14:30

Payment Problem

I owed eBay $100.40 for a sale. They were going to take the money right out of my bank account at the middle of the month. On the eBay site I saw there was an option to make a one time payment, through paypal, using a credit card. I decided I wanted to use my MasterCard b/c I get rewards for that. I clicked the one-time payment option on the eBay website, which took me directly to the paypal website. I put in my password.. then I had to click a button confirming my identity…. and then it charged the $100.40 to some paypal direct account I apparently had. IT DIDN’T EVEN GIVE ME THE OPTION OF CHOOSING A CREDIT CARD!! NOTHING! I call paypal about it, immediately. Even though this only took place 5 minutes ago, they would NOT reverse the payment. What a scam!! Ebay didn’t get paid in 5 minutes. Money didn’t change hands! Even with REAL credit/debit cards your able to dispute charges. PAYPAL WEBSITE DID NOT GIVE ANY WARNING THAT IT WAS ABOUT TO CHARGE $100.40 TO ACCOUNT ENDING IN ####. NO WARNING… NO OPTIONS! The customer service was a joke…NO SERVICE AT ALL!!

Submitted By:: Cathrine Flaim

Location-: Green Achers


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