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admin : Tuesday, November 26, 2013, 11:51

This is why you never pay for tickets with Paypal, please read.

Hi there , I recently purchased a child’s 14 day ultimate disney ticket for Florida on 30 June at a cost of £205 English pounds off a registered ebay business seller with lots of sales and decent feedback .the ticket had an expire date of 31/12 2013 so plenty of time to use it . Ticket arrived 3 days later in excellent condition as described so no need for any dispute via paypal. Now this is ware the problem begins , November the 12th at the gate of animal kingdom day 1 of first use my 6 year olds ticket is removed from me and stamped void , only explanation given is that ticket had been originally purchased in a block of tickets with a fraudulent credit card so deemed VOID. No other option other than re purchase of another ticket at the I do this and when I get back to hotel and try to contact the seller , yep you’ve guessed he’s no longer a registered user .contact paypal and obviously well over 45 day policy , £205 out of pocket and paypal won’t help even thow ticket wasn’t supposed to expire until end of this year .well scammed I am thanks paypal, any advice guys ?


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