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: Sunday, April 1, 2012, 18:30

pay pal hasnt givin me my donations and doesnt reply to emails

i dont conplain,
but paypal has pushed me to the brink,
im trying to go around the world by human power alone with no sposership and need these donations to servive,
without these donations i will die fact..
im out in thailand training and use the website to collect donations , the donations have been received but cant get them to my account have emailed and emailed them and they just dont care….
these donations keep me alive , food water equipment,
i have a start date to go and have to leave on this date as my visa expires…so if i am found dead due to dehydration it will be thanks to pay pal…
this is not a exsaduration this is a fact…
pyapal is a joke if i had the funds i would take them to court to reclame the money they didnt even repay the 2 times 70 bahts i gave them to open the account, i dont even have enought money to phone them,,,
my name is stephen andrew barron
and the website is
if you ever here about me being found dead somewhere please please let everybody know that it was down to paypal…
hope your happy with yourselfs paypal……

Submitted By:: stephen barron

Location-: thailand

One thought on “pay pal hasnt givin me my donations and doesnt reply to emails
  1. Glenno on

    Should anyone be interested in contacting the eBay / Paypal fraud department in Dublin, the number is: +353 1 243 2573. They also have a diverted London number: 0208 605 3234.

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