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: Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 12:33

Pay Pal Has Been Holding My $70 For 3 Years

I made a purchase on Ebay and paid by Visa. I received a defective product so I returned it to the vendor who was supposed to credit my Visa. Instead the money was put into a Pay Pal account. I have asked PayPal to transfer the funds to my credit card but they state that they can not. They state they could write me a check if I was a resident of the United States but apparently they do not offer that service for Canadian residents. So basically I can not have my own money unless I want to link them to my personal bank account which I refuse to do.

Submitted By:: Melissa

Location-: Montreal, Canada

2 thoughts on “Pay Pal Has Been Holding My $70 For 3 Years
  1. Paulina on

    It sucks they won’t give you your $70 but I am like you; I will never ever give Paypal access to my bank account information. Would it be possible for you to use the money in the paypal account to buy something for or is the account limited until you add your bank account?

  2. Luis Gomez on

    PayPal makes money holding other peoples money. You are out $70 for 3 years…give me a break. You will never get you cash back. This is the way PayPal operates. They hold money so long and people give up on ever seeing it again and they know it. You are smart to not give them your bank account information though. They suck.

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