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: Tuesday, October 4, 2011, 10:47

Pay Pal does NOT keep its word!

After great reviews as both a buyer and seller Pay Pal has Suddenly held back $73.00 for 21 days with ALL their so-called Terms to make-me a better Seller meant-ahead of their requests! Positive Feedback-Item shipped with tracking numbers on both ebay and paypal listed! I am NOT on any negative terms with buyer-s sellers-nor have i done anything to deserve this! Seriously I am GOING to craigs list and or having a yard sale! Along with increases in Ebay fees-and Pay Pal terms I am seriously wondering what is REALLY UP with E bay and Pay Pal!? There has got to be MORE behind this than what it appears ! Are they about to GO under would be my real-question! And IF they DO what will happen to those whose”s funds Happen to be ON HOLD that day!? Okay maybe i am a bit paranoid here-but why in heavens name are they doing this to the Sort of people and those with adequate and above fine ratiings? They are Playing a game and i am seriously aware something is def. wrong! Perhaps someone with enough Power-should get a lawyer and get this thing checked out further! Like put them On a 21 DAY HOLD while they are investigated! Or put under NEW RULES and FEES. And see how they LIKE IT

Submitted By:: RKM

Location: Dothan Alabama


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