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: Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 12:55

Pay Pal does not care if you can show proof that you sent the item

I just found your site and this may be posted already. If you sell through Ebay or Pay Pal only offer insured shipping services to foreign countries. Basically I will not explain the foreigner’s scam, incase all do not know how it works yet, but bottom line is that Pay Pal does not care if you can show proof that you sent the item. They will always refund the recipient full amount paid! Another issue with this is that your only option is insured Priority, or better. That now makes shipping quite high for many low priced items. Ebay and Pay Pal don’t get it that you will not be selling as much then and if you do you’re most likely going to get a low mark on your dashboard rating for Shipping fees. This inturn looses your “Top Rated Seller” statis. And who figures out those percentages? A drop out I’m sure! How can you have a feedback rating of 100%, get 1 negative and you’re now at 98%?! Rocket scientest over there! I could go on and on. Bottom line is you’re right, Ebay is evil and I hope one day a similar type of site is going to take over their business!

Submitted By:: P. Casanova

Location-: Aurora, Colorado


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