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: Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 7:36

Pay Pal called the USPS and me liars and gave the buyer $495.00.

I shipped a pair of silver candlesticks valued at $495.00 via United States Postal Service. I was paid by the customer by Pay Pal. Big, big mistake. With the 16 number tracking they deemed it delivered. The purchaser claimed that he never received it and Pay Pal gave him my $495.00. So Pay Pal pretty much called the Post Office and me liars and the purchaser came out the winner!

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Location-: windsor, Maine 04363

2 thoughts on “Pay Pal called the USPS and me liars and gave the buyer $495.00.
  1. Sugar Shane on

    If I were you I would file a claim against PayPal in small claims court. Around here it costs around $80 to do so. It would costs paypal more than $500 to send a lawyer so they will settle and give you your money back.

  2. Nikolai Grigoriev on

    To be fair, this kind of things do happen. Although not with USPS – with Canada Post, my purchase was somehow delivered to a lady who lives few houses away from my place. And the address and the name of the recipient was clearly printed on the envelope, not mentioning the barcodes etc. Yes, it was mis-delivered. I am very lucky to have great neighbors who deliver my mail more carefully than Canada Post :) But it may not be the case for everyone :( Was the shipment insured? I guess not (and it should have been). There is a possibility that the buyer has not, actually, received the shipment….

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