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: Friday, July 12, 2013, 14:29

Passed around by PayPal and eBay for defective item claim

Bought a product at eBay and paid with a credit card, which in turn went to PayPal for final payment.
I purchased a Bose MIE2i headset on 05/11/13 for $85, in reality I received on 05/16/13, but started having problems by 06/20/13. I contacted eBay on 06/26/13 and they told me that I had coverage protection under PayPal and so they took the claim after checking for availability. A day later I received an email stating that I had exceeded the 45 days from the purchased date. So, frustrated again, I contacted eBay to close my account and once again they transferred me to PayPal, who wanted my business to stay, so they extended the time and told me that things were alright. What do you know; next day I got another email stating that I did not qualified for credit due to a “technical” statement comment. Frankly, I cannot put up with that nonsense and so I decided to cancel eBay and anything to do with PayPal.

Submitted By:: Frank

Location-: USA


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