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: Thursday, August 16, 2012, 9:44

Ordered 1 item but invoiced for 2 and no way to correct problem

Good morning

Yesterday I bought a miniature decorative bicycle on Ebay (Object N° 300452857342). I really don’t know how it happened, but the quantity ordered (on the invoice) was 2 (instead of 1) with double shipping costs. Therefore I didn’t pay the bill. I contacted the seller who cancelled my transaction with ebay (and confirmed). Ebay too confirmed the transaction was cancelled and asked me to pay for one bicycle + shipping costs (56,98? instead of 114?). But it was impossible to pay 56,98 ?, because the old unpaid invoice (in amount 114?) was still pending and was not cancelled, and the machine gave me a message: you can’t buy that product, since your invoice hasn’t been paid. I advised ebay, but France is a slow country and during the holiday period it’s even worse. Problem is there is only 4 bicycles left, and I whould like to have one, therefore I cannot wait long, since the risk is by the time the problem is solved (and there is no real problem since seller and ebay cancelled my order, the product might be sold out, and I really want one. It’s gorgeous, never seen that!

Further, I’m an old ebay customer with 100% positive feedback. There is no intention not to pay your invoice, but the quantities are mistaken and they’ve been corrected by both the seller and ebay. So why the old invoice hasn’t been cancelled accordingly for me to be able to buy that product.

Thank you for your help

Submitted By:: Simone Poirier

Location-: France

One thought on “Ordered 1 item but invoiced for 2 and no way to correct problem
  1. glenn on

    I used my paypal account to pay for a purchase at the Home Depot store here in the US and the transaction rang up and that’was that I thought. Well paypal charged my account twice eventhough I only paid once. So I went back to the store and they showed me that I had only been charged once by them. I called paypal demanding to get a refund for the double charge and they told me they could not see that I had been double charged. I told them to just check my account to see and they said they can’t do that so I can’t get a refund. End of story. I am never getting my money back.

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