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: Wednesday, February 15, 2012, 13:16

Nothing but problems when trying to change bank account

I was transferred to PayPal from Ebay because Ebay had an old Washington Mutual Account and stated it was Invalid – I had changed my account in Paypal several times to my new bank account years ago after Washington Mutual closed. but ebay does not seem to accept that – but they said they have no access to paypal records and I would have to speak to them about it . okay so I contact paypal and immediately they want me to change my name under the account – I have had this account for many, many years and all of a sudden Paul the supervisor wants me to change it because it has to many names in it – and if I did not do so He refused to offer me help because he could not verify who I was -even though I had contacted paypal many times in the past – today they wish me to change my name – I need the contact email and addresses of the board of directors to contact – according to Sarah – the automatic female from the help center:
Sarah – PayPal :
You can change the name on your account only for typographical errors or a legal name change.
this was not the case – indeed i had another completely different issue but this issue was introduced and blown out of proportion after many years of my account – I feel something is being done illegally.

Submitted By:: Lenard Jones

Location-: the US


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