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: Monday, April 2, 2012, 10:35

Not supported or refunded for unreceived goods.

Israel catalog didn’t send us our sandals after we waited
6 weeks. We emailed them 3 times. No response.
Involved paypal. The business sent us 1 pair, but not the
second pair, of sandals. Escalated the paypal dispute after
seller didn’t refund us following 3 additional emails.
Paypal’s response: Submit a police report to us within the
next 10 days.
Are you kidding? We’re never using paypal again. There
is no support provided, no fair compensation for money
these thieves stole from us. Why not just ask for the detailed
packing slip to see the discrepancy in number of items sent
and paid for?
Terrible service.

Submitted By:: Tamara Fulop

Location: NY, NY


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