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: Thursday, December 1, 2011, 21:44

not fair for seller

I received an order from email sent by customers in France. Customers only paid for air mail but I did the delivery through registered mail because I wanted to provide excellent service to customer.

The registered mail had track and trace number. But after two weeks, customer said French post office returned the package to me. Actually this is very strange that registered mail returned back to sender.

I did ask client for refund but he asked me to send it twice but this time i used normal air mail because client didn’t pay registered mail fee.

Then I mailed to him…in the meanwhile…the client raised a dispute case when the stock is in transit. I showed all my email and the first track and trace number to prove I really served buyers all what I can do.

Finally my stock was lost but Paypal still refund all money back to customers without asking my agreement. I did escalation in paypal and asked them this is not fair to refund without receiving back my item. But paypal acts like machine to keep on answer with same open answer – I have not yet delivered item to buyers.

From now on, I have terminated paypal services and never use it anymore.

Submitted By:: Reid Lai

Location-: Hong Kong


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