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: Saturday, May 19, 2012, 5:45

NO Seller Protection.

I sold an engine via EBay and accepted the payment via paypal. The guy came to collect the item, one week later EBay emailed me saying he had closed his account and I was not to complete the transaction. Bit late by then. Turns out the guy had gone to his credit card company and initiated a charge back. The credit card company found in his favour and awarded him the money. Paypal now demand that I pay them the £780, which is absolutely astonishing. Apparently once the credit card find in the buyers favour – which they will upon hearing a pack of lies – Paypal are POWERLESS to do anything. I am now going to spend my life fighting this, writing to every newspaper and magazine, I am also starting legal proceedings. The guy who did this changed his mobile number and deleted his account, and is probably scanning EBay for his next scam right now.

Submitted By:: Chris Davenport

Location-: Portsmouth, UK


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