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: Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 10:26

No protection for me as a seller

I sold a bag as new with tags on ebay, the buyer emailed me when she’d received the bag stating the bag was covered in scratches ( not how id sent it ) and demanding a full refund threatening to leave negative feedback and to ‘ mess up my paypal account if i didnt do this! i messaged the buyer that i was bewildered to how it got damaged as item was packed with care but in an attempt to resolve the situation i offered the buyer a partial refund, the buyer ignored my messages and set up a case against me via paypal, she then changed her story and said the item wasn’t packed appropriately, i did some research online and its clear that paypal will side with the buyer which will leave me with a damaged bag i cant even get compensation for from the royal mail as the buyer is lying and saying i didnt pack the bag properly but theres no evidence of this as the buyer could quite easily dispose of the packaging couldnt they?!

Submitted By:: Linda K.

Location-: Bangor, Wrexham

4 thoughts on “No protection for me as a seller
  1. Hank on

    This buyer knew what she was doing from the beginning. She set you up! Happens every day thanks to paypal and ebay. Not much you can do about it sadly. ebay/paypal is set up to fail in any sellers quest for justice. The buyers always win so be careful who you sell to that’s all I can say.

  2. Ruth D on

    I believe anymore that there is no protection for the seller or the buyer on eBay using Paypal. Too often there are horrible stories from both sides. I had been scammed as a buyer and Paypal offered no assistance whatsoever. They just gave me excuses and longer wait periods to complete the “dispute process”…I had enough of dealing with those people, kissed my purchase and money goodbye as lesson learned. I may use eBay again but will never purchase using Paypal thats for sure. They only protection they provide is for Paypal itself and how it works best in there favor.

  3. Lisa Raine on

    There is no protection for anything anymore with PP. Buys sellers they all get screwed. this doesn’t surprise me anymore. I’ve had my own problems with PP and I got screwed too many times to count. I will never use PP again

  4. Mary Ellen on

    That is terrible Linda. It looks as though you have just become another victim thru a down right thief who knows how to maneuver in the paypal system. I have never used paypal and reading up on the many horrors people have had has made my decision crystal clear…don’t open a paypal account! I won’t because I don’t have money to throw away.

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