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admin : Sunday, April 11, 2010, 3:03

No PayPal Notice Of Reversed Transaction Outside USA

My wife and I were in Italy and wanted to sign up for Italian language lessons that would begin back home a month after we returned to the U.S.. While on-line in Italy I processed the transaction with the language school back here ($400). I received e-mail confirmations for each of us from PayPal and from the school the next day. I also saw in my bank account at the end of the next month that the money was taken by PayPal. However, when we arrived at the first class this past week, they told us the transaction had been reversed by PayPal, but I never was sent any notice of that. The apparent reason this was done was that I was using my laptop outside the U.S. when I used PayPal. Then they froze my account. I had received a notice that “access to the account was limited”, but nothing stating that the transaction was reversed or that the four receipts were not to be relied on. Then when I tried to restore full access to the account by entering my home phone number, PayPal said the number was a cell phone and would not work to un-freeze the account. Well, that has been our home land line for 42 1/2 years!

Submitted By Dan Allen


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