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admin : Thursday, April 1, 2010, 10:52

No PayPal Buyer Protection For Partial Shipments

I had placed an order with a company named Deal Extreme out of Hong Kong. The order had 2 different items on it. They shipped a partial which was only the cheapest item. After a lot of frustration from dealing with PayPal, and 3 months later, I was informed by PayPal they do not cover partial shipments per their terms of service unless the item is bought from eBay. Let’s say you buy 2 items from a company worth $1050, and they send you the $50 item, but not the $1000 item. What protection do you have from PayPal? Absolutely NONE . You are stuck for the 1,000 bucks. They show the complaint as resolved in the merchants favor as “item not as advertised” (forget that you never got it.) Now that i understand that, it seems the only sensible way of dealing with any merchant is use a charge card where the credit card company will look after your back OR never purchase multiple items on one order and use PayPal for funding.

Submitted By IK


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