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: Monday, August 26, 2013, 11:57

No matter what you do as a seller you risk getting screwed

I sell (sold) rolex watches and fine jewelry on ebay for a little while now, I order my products directly from one of the largest jewelry places in the diamond district in New York. I decided to sell a line of 18 K gold Miami Cuban Chain necklaces. A buyer in California bought a necklace and on the day he received the item took it to an appraiser. Everything I sell (sold) was shipped with letter of authenticity and appraisal letter. He goes to Paypal and claims I sent him 14 K gold plated jewelry. So I messaged the guy asking who did his appraisal because my supplier was insulted and angry because they do not sell junk. Well the guy tells me who and I call them, the man that owned the place said it was the second time that week the man had an appraisal done on the same necklace saying he had been ripped off on Ebay by a scammer. A scammer? Me? I had 100% positive feedback, Premier Ebay store and Over 500 feedback. So after the guy on the phone tells me that even he didn’t want to do the appraisal for the guy because something was not right. I jump on the phone to paypal who says they will credit me the fee’s and the $120.00 it would cost me to get the proof that it wasn’t real. (Even though I read they won’t do that) but we are going by their word at the time of the call. They give me 10 days to provide proof and on the 7th day the case is found in the buyers favor, So I call back to Paypal and tell them I paid for all the proof and still had 3 days, they said they weren’t sure what happened and basically just said sorry but you lost. So 3 days go by and here comes my return package (FAKE) 14 K gold plated with the clasps removed from the one I sent and placed on this item (verified by the maker of the gold chain) So i log onto Paypal to see what I can do and I’m froze, account limited, and $4500.00 in the neg. Now here is the best part, they won’t let me prove my end of the story so he got the money, the gold and I owe Paypal $4500.00. But it gets better! I had 98 sales of smaller items that day (funds all froze) can’t touch the money so I can’t ship (or refund) so the complaints and cases just keep on flowing in. My feedback is completely destroyed, Paypal and my Paypal card are froze. Buyers are unhappy and now they are calling me wanting their money.
I paid to have a professional grade package put together by the maker to prove that the item was switched (because they do NOTHING for free) and still got screwed.
They limited my wife’s account and have completely bankrupted my Ebay store all in one shot. ( I know before you even say it, no, just because I sell Rolex I don’t have much money, my mark up is (was) only $300.00 per Item.
I support my wife, my dying father, my not well mother and my brother. Now because of this I can’t pay bills, had to close my Ebay stuff that has paid my bills for a very long time and I’m desperately trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to recover. But that’s it folks, my Paypal horror story. 100% true, 100% Accurate and 100% B.S by Paypal. Thanks for letting me tell my story!

Submitted By:: CS

Location-: Columbus

One thought on “No matter what you do as a seller you risk getting screwed
  1. Derek Sargent on

    One of my client’s, Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary (Their website is quoted above), has had a very similar experience but worse. PayPal froze their account Two Years ago with over $7,000 in donations frozen too. WHY? because Jirrahlinga is changed to a Charitable Trust and PayPal claim they do not deal with charitable trusts. Despite having uploaded ALL of the documents PayPal required to unfreeze the account they still do not have access to their donated money. PayPal doesn’t just SUCK – Their actions (or inactions) are CIMINAL because Jirrahlinga may close through lack of money. Go to their website and have a look at what they doo for injured wildlife..

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