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: Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 11:04

No goods, no refund and no rights

Ok here’s my story, i have been selling on Ebay for 7 years now and Ebay and Paypal have made a hell of a lot of money out of me.
I purchased over $500 worth of stock outside of Ebay, when the items arrived from china they were very poor goods, i spoke to the seller on Skype and they refused to refund me, so i went to the company that protects my purchases. Yes you got it PAYPAL, i explained my case and they opened a dispute for me with the seller, they told me to send the goods back and provide them with a tracker number and once the seller gets the goods back they will refund me in full!! great i says so of to the post office i went with the goods. I sent it back and got my tracker number after a week or so i tracked the package and it showed that a delivery attempt was made, i contacted Paypal and they said they would email the seller and get them to go and collect their package.
Paypal told me to wait 10 days for which i did, still they did not go and collect the package. Paypal then told me to wait a further 7 days which i did and again still the did not collect it. I contacted paypal again and they said yes we can see that they have not collected the goods but dont worry we can see that they are not playing ball but to give them another 3 days, on the 3rd which is today i got an email from Paypal saying that they will not refund me back the money because the seller said the box i sent back was empty and that when they got the empty box they took it to the police and got a report and forwarded the report to Paypal say for this reason we have gone in favour of the seller.
I said to the Paypal customer service guy that the tracker still shows that they have not got the package, which means they have not signed for it which means they still have not got the package simply because they didnt want to get the package because they know they will have to refund me.
Paypal could not answer my question although they can see that they have not signed for the goods but yet they have still gone in the sellers favour.
What baffled me is that Paypal said that the police report stated that the BOX was empty the thing is i did not send the goods back in a BOX, i send the goods back in a big grey postal bag.
I said to Paypal how do you know that they did not make the whole thing up just to get the police report? paypa’s answer was we dont know if that was the case. I said hold on a minute your protection policy states 100% protection ON or OFF ebay so why am i not a part of this policy? he said because they have a police report. I said it should not matter that the police were involved you policy states im covered right?
he replied yes you are covered but not in this case! (Really) so your policy is not 100% then is it? yes it is he said, well it can’t be because you have close the case in favour of the seller.
He replied saying ‘quote’ we are going over the same grounds and im not going to go over it again, what i will do is refer your claim back to our department and they will review it again.
It sounded to me that they have already made up there mind that they will not refund me, but im waiting to see what happens, so as it stands right not i have no goods and no refund, i have officially been mugged by Paypal.
I recorded the whole thing, if you want it i can try emailing it to you so you can put it on your website.
One way or another they are gonna PAY PAL.

Submitted By:: P. L.

Location-: California

One thought on “No goods, no refund and no rights
  1. Marcus on

    typically it is the sellers that gets screwed but I guess once in a while a poor buyer ends up on the short end of the stick. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that refund cuz I don’t see it coming anytime soon. Paypal are professional thieves that have paid off the right people so they can steal undistributed.

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