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: Monday, April 2, 2012, 10:34

Nice of them to use my money for twenty one days

Have had a paypal account for years, I have a one hundred percent rating on eBay, never had a charge back but you guessed it, I got tagged as a criminal or cheapskate or something and paypal put a hold put on my funds. I was told to still make sure I shipped quickly and continue to do all of the things I do now, but for now I will have to use other money to pay for shipping since whatever I get for selling an item will be held for 21 days.

When i sell items they are primarily on the heavy side so i can be out 50 bucks pretty quickly for shipping. Thanks to Paypal i have to take that money from others projects or from grocery money. i am sure they assume that everyone is sitting on a stack of cash but that because they are bankers and bankers are always out of touch with the plight of actual humans. Of course I could tell the landlord that he can just wait for his money until paypal gets around to letting me have it. He wont mind.

Imagine if your local bank did this or if any other credit card processor dis something like this.

What this means is that i am going to have to quit accepting paypal for ebay and other sales or charge some sort of a fee for it’s use.

Submitted By:: Shannon H

Location: Montana


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