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admin : Wednesday, April 9, 2014, 14:03

Negative PayPal balance

I have been with Paypal for many years since 2004 and bought many services and things online and a 2012 i bought a month subscription with Extabit a file sharing site through paypal and that was it.After that i was quiet online for 2 years and didnt check my email account which was connected to paypal and few days a go i saw in that email that i have an outstanding payment and a negative of $200.I thought it was a scam and reported it to them.But when i checked my profile in Paypal i saw that indeed i had a negative of $200 and when i complained about it i got some automated messages.I closed my account but i have another with Paypal.I need this account to sell things on ebay. Will it be safe to sell things and have funds in there?I live in Europe and i dont have any options.Any advice pls?


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