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: Friday, April 6, 2012, 13:47

My nightmare has more to do with eBay than PayPal

My nightmare has more to do with eBay than PayPal, I hope. Paypal put limits on my account so I couldn’t transfer money to my checking account. But they released the limits today. However, I have about $1500 in my account and they only have let me transfer $387. Which will take 3-4 days to actually happen. So, jury still out. I’m watching them as closely as possible. Ebay, on the other hand, froze my first account and then the second one. They won’t tell me what I did wrong or how I can fix it. They said their investigation was complete and my account is suspended indefinitely because my product was incompatible with selling on ebay and I posed a risk to their ebay community. I’m selling meal-replacement milkshake mixes, just like over 700 other sellers are doing on their site, so I don’t know what they meant. When I asked for reasons and explanations, they said they could not disclose the information and that I will not be allowed to do business on ebay

Submitted By:: Winnie

Location-: Phoenix, AZ


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