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: Thursday, January 17, 2013, 11:24

My Horror Story

I bought a Microsoft “brand new” mouse on eBay, when I received it I discovered that the mouse was very much second hand!
Done a quick search on Google to discover that Microsoft run a refurbished program, what a deceptive and misleading thing that Microsoft do is to sell second hand hardware (they call it refurbished) well packaged as brand new so fraudulent sellers on eBay sell it as brand new!
I complained to eBay to be told that they contacted the seller but may not tell me more.
I made complaint to Paypal to be told they accepted the issue in my favor BUT A) I must send the item back to the cheating seller and PAY delivery fees, I must do this within 10 days otherwise I won’t see my money anymore! B) I might not get full refund as per Paypal policy!

Now tell me the computer mouse costs $16, I will pay around $15 to send the item back it “must” have tracking number in addition I might not get full refund??

Submitted By:: Tony

Location-: El Paso TX


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