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admin : Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 14:56

Money transfer fiasco with PayPal

I had sold an item out of state to a company which offered PayPal as a way of QUICK payment vs. a check. With reluctance, I said ok even though I had had a horrible experience with them a year ago when a hacker went through my PayPal account and emptied my bank account, twice! Anyway, the buyer sent the 500.00 and I went to my PayPal account to transfer it. Well, I needed to update my bank info, since I had closed that account, it wouldn’t let me. Called customer service, they said I had to open a NEW account, so I did that. Tried to add my new bank, but they only recognize national banks so they denied me from adding it to my account! They told me they would have to send me a prepaid card via mail, 5-7 days! Waited for it to come, nope nothing…called PayPal, who then told me I had to call their prepaid department. Called that number but since I haven’t received the card via mail the system says “we don’t recognize you as a customer, good bye” and hangs up on you…you CAN’T get a live person! So I called back, they then told me id need to open an account with a national bank so I could get MY money or transfer to another PayPal account with a bank approved by them. So I called my son who had just closed his account because of what happened to me and all the bad press. So he, at my request re-opened his account. I then tried to transfer to his account, since it was now a “new” account, we had to wait 24 hours! Ok I wait until the next day, try again and it says your account is LOCKED….i call PayPal AGAIN, talk to a supervisor who tells me, since we are new customers, I explain, we are Not new and that I was told to open a new account ECT…he then informed me that this is for my protection and I need to wait another 24 hours and I will only be able to send small transfers over several days because they need to make sure that this is really me…this was after I answered a series of questions about me they pulled from mt credit report. My reply was, I have you on the phone, verified who I am, why can’t you allow me to transfer my funds….get this, because the computer wont let them and there is no way to over-ride it once it had locked you out, even after proving its really you. So know I have only been able to transfer 100.00 of my 500.00 balance and it has only been a week and a half! And once again the computer has locked me out because… sending money to the same person! This is their friends and family feature they are advertising all over the media…apparently I’ll need to get NEW friends and family too since I can only send money to them ONCE!!!

One thought on “Money transfer fiasco with PayPal
  1. george menize on

    Dropping paypal is like running away from the BLACK pLAGUE. pAYPAL FOUNDER MUST HAVE BEEN RELATED TO THE jAMES boys

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