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: Friday, July 26, 2013, 13:55

Money deducted without any reason!

Hi, my name is Nikhil, i am currently in Oman, wanted to purchase a mobile accessory from ebay so i logged in to it and did the procedure to pay by my Visa debit card. At the final step when i entered my debit card and cc no., it showed me an error message that the purchase could not be completed because the card no. and CC no. did not match. I tried it again and it showed me the same message and within a minute i got a notification on my mobile that OMR 1 were deducted two times by Paypal from my bank account. I didn’t even had a paypal account! Then i thought of contacting paypal but it required loggin. So i created an account and again my OMR 1 were deducted! And after a minute again OMR 1 got deducted when i completed my registration of account. I dont know what to do now… my OMR 4 were deducted and i couldnt even purchase the item.! Please help!

Submitted By:: Nikhil

Location-: Oman


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