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: Thursday, August 25, 2011, 8:54

Money being held for no reason and I’m having to pay to get it back

I opened an account with Paypal when I was working in Australia. I left the country a year ago to return to Europe but I still have a bank account in Oz which is linked to my Paypal.

I recently transferred a 1000 dollars into Paypal so that I could send money and make e-bay payments, only to find that Paypal had limited my account. They want documents showing proof of my address in Australia, except I don’t live there anymore and so I can’t provide them with anything. Now they are asking for a certified copy of my passport (which costs 20 Euros to obtain) and for it to be sent to their office in Australia, another 10 Euros for speedy delivery.

In the meantime I am getting further behind with making the payments that I owe, and feel like a criminal being investigated for money laundering. I can’t wait to close my account just as soon as I’m allowed to do anything with it.

Submitted By:: SR

Location: Portugal


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