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admin : Monday, December 1, 2014, 14:05

Misrepresentation by PayPal

Being a retired law enforcement supervisor here in the Cincinnati Ohio area I would like to relate what I would consider a fraud within PayPal Credit Dept. Being a buyer on Ebay for several years I decided on October 9th to make purchase and at the time I was offered $15.00 to sign up for “pay pal credit” which I did and received, I was told in email form the $15.00 after the first statement would be applied, after several attempts and being held on the phone for 30 minutes I finally was told by a agent for pay pal credit that I was denied the Introductory Offer Of $15.00 and when I was asked why he would Not disclose the reason only to defend Pay pal. Although we are only talking about $15.00 I feel it was a fraudulent way of doing business. No one, and I mean no one would help me as they all said there was nothing they could do. “Well its a “hell of a way” of misrepresentation, “I have locked up people for this kind of misrepresentation!


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