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: Monday, May 2, 2011, 9:30

Lost $280 to ebay/PayPal scammer

I sold a computer and the buyer wanted $120 back for a bad screen. I immediately gave him $280 back. He returned to me another computer that was a piece of crap, and Paypal gave him all of his money back. PayPal would not help me even though I filed a police report.

According to Ebay, if you as a buyer open a ticket with paypal and not ebay, you will automatically get your money back leaving the seller with nothing. According to ebay, the buyer can send a brick back to the seller, and you have no recourse. Even though I filed a police report and provided Paypal with everything they asked for within 2 days, all I got back was “sorry can’t help you”.

Let this be good news for all buyers, always create ticket with Paypal and not ebay.

The email address of the person who did this to me is

Submitted By:: RHO

Location: Ashland, Va

One thought on “Lost $280 to ebay/PayPal scammer
  1. Indy on

    EXACT same thing happened to us, same user too, bzbailbonds with an email of, sent back a PC a month after the auction stating it was not as described with no explanation, and PayPal refunded his money. We tried to even contact the buyer to find out what was wrong with the PC (as they claimed it differed somehow with what was stated in the auction), and there was never a response. I am checking into filing a complaint with Ebay about this user; maybe won’t be able to resolve this, but maybe we can prevent them from doing this to someone else…

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