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: Thursday, July 5, 2012, 11:13

Lost 2 disputes even though I was right

I have been a perfect eBayer, with 100% positive and long history on all my transactions. Untill recently I have been a twice victim because Paypal suddenly and unreasonably decided to award the other parties. The first transaction I bought a central locking kit where prior to the purchase I asked and was assured by the seller that it fitted specifically to my car and installation was claimed ‘very easy’. Upon receiving the item, I spent all week pulling my car doors apart but couldn’t install it because the rod (one of the mechanisms) was not made for my car. Furthermore, I was absolute flabbergast of the complexity with all the different wirings and virtually useless instruction (written in English from a very illiterate Chinese person). I also had a car installer specialist looked at the kit and confirmed the kit and rod were not possible to be installed in my car. I took photos and emailed to seller. Long story short, seller insisted I pay for return postage which I totally not accepted given they knew my exact car and their product and falsely advertised ‘very easy installation’. I filed a dispute of which Paypal ruled in my favor, but they insisted I paid for return postage and verified a tracking number, otherwise ruling not valid. As I live in Australia, the postage was almost the same as the purchase price. I rung and spoke with Paypal, they insisted it was their policy that buyers pay for return even if seller mislead. Since I don’t wish to further pay for return, I’m stuck with a useless item. I couldn’t understand why Paypal made this unfair decision. The second case was similar but with a infuriating twist – I bought a faulty GPS (unit kept switching on &off when charging). In trying to sort out with this seller, seller agreed and sent refund via Paypal -insisting that I do not file a dispute. Later I found this was my biggest mistake, because seller somehow re-files a dispute with Paypal claiming the money they sent was their purchase of an item from me when it wasn’t. They did this after insisting that I pay to return their faulty GPS of which I disagreed. Somehow because, I did not file the dispute of this initial transaction within i think 45days after purchase, Paypal took it as payment sent by the seller(refund) was a purchase something from me. Through numerous and long phone calls to Paypal, Paypal insisted the seller had paid for a purchase something from me, which I tried to explain but they would not hear it. As a result, I’m left with a useless gadget and loss my refund. Paypal, again, refused to see the situation. I’m totally at lost to all confidence in dealing with Paypal ever again!

Submitted By:: Phil

Location-: AU

2 thoughts on “Lost 2 disputes even though I was right
  1. Angela on

    That really stinks man. That’s just how paypal operates. Obviously they could see that the seller issued you a refund and it was not a purchase. Yopu had em proof of conversations with both buyers, I don’t understand how they can’t use that as a point of evidence that you did not receive what you thought you were getting. This is why I will NEVER use paypal again. I only purchase from my credit card. This was if I don’t get what It should have been then I can dispute it with my credit card comapnya and have a better chance of getting my money back

  2. Hamilton H on

    I had a buyer requesting a refund after using the GPS she bought from me for 30 days. Paypal said I had to refund her because she claimed it was not as described–30 days later! I had to pay for the return shipping. When I git it back it reeked of smoke the suction cup that attaches it to the windshield was missing and the card reader was broken. I right away contacted Paypal and they said I needed to get a written statement from a GPS expert regarding the damages in order to qualify for my money back. F—- that.

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