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admin : Monday, January 19, 2015, 13:22

Too many loops and hoops with PayPal and eBay

I have recently started my own eBay business following the success of my own hosted business website. Opening an eBay shop was a ‘test’ of the market place just to see if I could increase sales in other countries and I was very surprised with the results. However, as soon as I had any decent amount of sales coming in I was hampered at every turn. It’s almost as if they don’t want people to succeed. Now I feel ‘owned’ by eBay.

Because the eBay platform reaches so many people worldwide I decided to stick with it and jump through their hoops when they asked. But the hoops just started getting bigger and more complicated the more money I made. I quickly outgrew the selling limits set by ebay for new accounts (several times), and then I had to open another eBay shop to sell other kinds of items that I was having success with worldwide.

Then Paypal started restricting me. I had two accounts one was closed down and it took forever to get my money back and now my other account has been completely restricted. They are holding even more money here and earning interest on it as well no doubt.

I am in a constant loop of giving different kinds of ‘resolution’ information that is getting me no-where. The email team don’t seem to be on the same page as the phone team and just this weekend alone I have missed out on hundreds of pounds worth of sales.

I really need an alternative to the constant loop of red tape and system generated nonsense that I keep getting asked.

I feel completely victimized and not at all in control of MY OWN business. It is MY business not eBay or Paypals, I am not doing anything illegal and yet I am being made to feel like a criminal! I am completely fed up with it.

One thought on “Too many loops and hoops with PayPal and eBay
  1. steve jolinski on

    My story is very much the same with a few different twists. Paypal/Ebay give and/or sell all your personal data like DOB, banking information, SSN to people overseas. Paypal told me they can do this because I agreed to it in the user agreement. Ebay the same thing as ebay owns paypal. Now I am banned from selling and purchasing through ebay. I could be losing thousands or more each month. Ebay won’t accept SquareD, VISA, American Express, etc. as valid payment except paypal which is not required to keep financial records anymore after 90 days. There NEEDS TO BE A CLASS ACTION SUIT FOR SURE !!

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