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admin : Tuesday, October 8, 2013, 14:20

Got limited selling virtual gold on World of Warcraft

I have been selling virtual gold on World of Warcraft, and other games for quite a while. After a little while, my accounts kept getting limited/frozen etc. So i decided to just spend the money the second i get them, make a new. Now that’s history. However with the new policy, then close them basically immediately, so i decided to verify an account with them (with my real ID). Then i made fake accounts, and sent the money to my original to prevent the well known chargebacks.

Now the strange thing is: I made a fake account, sold my gold and got the money. Then i sent it over to my original account (NOTE: the fake account NEVER got any chargeback this time)  ,and my original account got limited. I sent in necessary information, but it never got reviewed. So i called in, and ended up having to submit all the information over again. No response, waited a couple months, and sent an Email. Then they all of the sudden, without doing any trades or anything permanently banned my account due to “high risk”. They told me i’d get my money within 180 days. But then, they REFUNDED over about 200-300 dollars BACK to my fake account. Since i obviously didnt request this on my fake, i asked paypal why they refunded it WITHOUT any warning (both on fake and original). I tried convincing them that no one asked for this, on both accounts. However they NEVER answered my question, but just repeated how my account was limited. On my original account, they just spammed me how ill get my money in 180 days bla bla. On my fake they told me that i had to send it back manually (this account was limited ofc, and i couldnt open since it was fake). Sry for the long and messy message. Basically they sent it over where no one could get them, so they could keep it? .. WHAT A COMPANY.


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