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: Monday, October 8, 2012, 10:28

Limited PayPal, suspended Ebay account

I sold 14 items which all have proof of FEDEX delivery. The buyers got their product, but Paypal limited my account claiming I was selling counterfeit goods (I am not!), soon after Ebay suspended my account. I refunded buyers thinking I could charge them through merchant account which I later connected to Ebay. Ebay would not allow buyers to pay this way and say I can only accept Paypal payments, but I HAVE NO PP account. So, I am out of product and out of money.

Submitted By:: Lynne

Location-: Seattle WA

One thought on “Limited PayPal, suspended Ebay account
  1. Dee on

    You have to get a merchant account that offers a ebay compatible payment gateway and then there is no problems to link it to ebay nut not all payment gateways are ebay compatible so be sure to sign up for a merchant account that will work on ebay.

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