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: Sunday, November 28, 2010, 6:39

Limited PayPal Account After Business Upgrade

I am livid with PayPal. I bought a web site for $6k, and immediately tried to upgrade my PayPal account to a business account. However, PayPal’s system would not let me. I called them regarding the issue (after having problems with the customer service phone number) and the PayPal representative said they would have to call me back. 2 days later, my account is limited and I have to wait 180 days for any refunds or chargebacks due to being a high risk?!

This leaves this new business with having spent $3000 in supplier costs, and waiting 180 days for $7000 in profit (if there are no refunds). I called PayPal to which they said “the decision is final!” and I am unable to complain!!

Submitted By:: david p

Location: United Kingdom


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