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: Thursday, August 23, 2012, 10:29

Limited my account because of made up “high risk” reason

I had my account by 4 years in paypal. In the beginning of my account they limited and request ID, proof of address and proof of posting for 2 items i sold in ebay. All fine and after 2 days my account was running again. From that date until 2 days before was perfect.

Like others, some cases with buyers, etc. ( around 500 – 600 transactions per day – selling in ebay and my own web page). They blocked again my account requesting the same documents . I sent as fast I could.

But today, I contact them and was told they can’t active my account again, because is a high risk! I have around £6.000 there from sales in ebay and to pay the ebay fees.

What I can do by now? I have 2 accounts in ebay selling without receive the payment. I’m a business and provide all documents requested.

Ps.: I sell screen protectors and accessories for mobiles in ebay – have more than 100.000 good feedbacks there. I don’t understand nothing now?

Submitted By:: Maria

Location-: Oakland, CA

3 thoughts on “Limited my account because of made up “high risk” reason
  1. kent on

    I too was limited for being “high risk” which is nothing but a BS reason. There was NOTHING high risk about my account. Never had a charge back I always offered a refund rather then have a buyer file a dispute, my feedback was top notch and still for some reason paypal just limited my account and no matter what documentation I provided them with it wasn’t good enough. At one point i was even accused of laundering money which is just absurd. Not a company that I would business with again if I got a do over.

  2. milehighclub on

    Same thing happened to me about 6 months ago. I was a power seller on Ebay for over 10 years and was using PayPal. Then one day I went to log into my PayPal account to find out it was limited and they wanted all this information. I sent it to them and 2 days later my account was closes stating :”igh risk”> I have been selling the same damn thing for 10 freakin years. Find someone else to do business with PayPal SUCKS!!!

  3. Camille Sanchez on

    I was limited myself for being “high risk” and they wanted more information from me. If I’m high risk why would I give you any more information. I asked if I was guaranteed to have the restrictions taken off my account if i sent in this information and the lady flat out told me no. Why they hell would I send them more personal information if you cant guarantee me that my account will be good after that?

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