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: Wednesday, July 31, 2013, 13:58

Limited eBay account because of limited (for no reason) PayPal account

After setting up a paypal and ebay account to sell in May 2013, Paypal decided to limit the account for No apparent reason – they claimed we didnt fit their business model (despite only selling new products on eBay). I had $515 in the account which they will not let me access until November 2013.
I immediately set up a Paymate account and kept trading sucessfully on eBay until today.
Today 11/7/2013 eBay have limited my account saying that we need to resolve the limitations on the Paypal account before they will re-instate it.
Despite selling $7000 worth of product on eBay, having 100% positive feedback and Never having a Paypal, Paymate or eBay dispute, they refused to reinstate the account. I have paid eBay over $600 in fees in the last 3 months, and now they have cancelled every one of my listings that has taken a considerable amount of time to list.
Paypal said there is nothing they can do it is an eBay problem, eBay say it is a Paypal problem.

Submitted By:: Carl

Location-: Scottsdale AZ


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